55. Breaking Through Invisible Walls: From Victim to Hero

Do you ever find yourself hitting an invisible wall, not just in your workout routine, but also in life and business? This is the story of my battle from a healthy mindset to an unhealthy one, and then finally to recovery. I share my personal experiences of the subtle signs that indicated I was veering off a healthy mindset and it started with three words that seemed so innocent, but led to a limiting belief and self-sabotage.

Innocent phrases and beliefs that once seemed helpful can become damaging and debilitating roadblocks in our growth. Join me to explore the beliefs we hold and how they might be preventing us from reaching our full potential. Learn how to switch from a victim to a heroic mindset with simple changes in the way we converse with ourselves. Make no mistake; this isn’t about blind positivity. It’s about conscious self-talk and reframing our words to unlock our possibilities.

54. Bonus- A Messy Amazing Momma

Do you believe you’re not a good enough mom? That somehow you’re not measuring up as the mother you think you should be? This heart to heart is for you!

53. The Art of Aging- Breaking Free from Age-Related Anxiety

I’m about to turn 48, and I’ve been obsessing too much about my age lately. Not necessarily about the number, but what my changing body’s doing. What if your life was a video game and I told you, you’re almost to level 48! Today I’m turning the tables on the traditional view of aging as a problem, and instead, proposing an attitude of living young. I’ll share my insights into how worry and anxiety about growing old can dampen your ability to fully enjoy life and give tips aimed at shifting your focus from preventing aging to actively living your life to the fullest.

I’m not just changing how you think about aging, I’m giving you the tools to stop the worry cycle and start embracing each day with a positive mindset. It’s time to start thinking about our age in a way that benefits us Our age can be used to our advantage, not as a disadvantage. Join me as I journey into a new era of embracing age and living young!

52. How to start getting your dreams-short bonus

Dreams taking a little longer than expected? Needing a little pick-me-up? Here’s a little something I made just for you!

51. The Scale of Worth

What if you didn’t have to ‘earn your way to the top’ to feel worthy? What if your self-worth wasn’t tied to your achievements? I tackle these questions, unmasking the illusion of the ‘human worth scale’ and shedding light on the misguided notion that our worthiness is determined by external validation or productivity.

I invite you to dare to step away from the relentless comparison game and start celebrating the beauty of your individuality. With an open heart, remember that irrespective of what you do or how well you do it, your place is always at the top because you are unconditionally loved and eternally worthy. There is no earning your worth. You’re already there!

50. Coaching Insights from my Adventures in Italy

Have you ever noticed how something as simple as a car horn can hold a wealth of meaning? Join me as I share insights from my recent travels through Italy, where I discovered firsthand the power of perception and its impact on our daily lives. From navigating winding roads with confidence to deciphering the subtle art of honking, my experiences in this beautiful country offered valuable lessons on trusting the process and focusing on what’s within our control.

49. The Power of Belonging Through Self-Care

Feel like there’s never enough time in the day for self-care? Well, Amber is here to show you that just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your mental and physical health. In this powerful episode, we had the pleasure of talking to the amazing Amber, who shared her insights on the importance of meaningful self-care and how it can have a profound impact on our lives. From respecting ourselves and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, to taking care of our emotional needs, we dive into the world of self-care and how to make it a priority in our daily lives.

But that’s not all! We also discuss the concept of cultivating self-compassion and creating a deeper sense of belonging within ourselves through meaningful self-care. Amber emphasizes that self-care is something we need to learn and practice, and that it is a way to shine, step out into the world, and be confident. Don’t miss out on Amber’s incredible free webinar offering, where she will teach you how to embrace your authentic self, cultivate self-compassion, and create a deeper sense of belonging within yourself. This episode is truly a gift to yourself, so tune in and invest 30 minutes of your time into your own wellbeing and personal growth.

48. Unlocking Your Inner Strength

Do you find yourself struggling to make decisions, constantly striving for perfection, or putting yourself down? These could be signs that you’re lacking self-confidence. Join us as we welcome Amber, an expert in self-confidence and self-compassion, to share her insights on the crucial difference between confidence and self-confidence and how to grow and strengthen your own sense of self.

In our enlightening conversation, Amber helps us understand the importance of trusting our own decisions and opinions, even when friends and family might disagree. Moreover, she generously offers a free webinar on self-compassion and belonging, where you’ll learn how to create deeper connections, embrace your authenticity, and cultivate more self-compassion. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace your inner strength and develop a solid foundation of self-confidence that can carry you through life’s challenges.

47. Body Image

What is one of the main issues your clients have when they come to you?
Are you saying we shouldn’t care about how we look?
What did you mean by they think they need to change something externally in order to be happy?
How do you battle internal thinking?
What ages do you think are affected most by poor body image?

46. What Belonging Means

You talk a lot about belonging to ourselves before you belong to the world. What do you mean?
At one point or another, we all feel like we don’t fit in. Why is it so important for us to want to belong?
What are some pitfalls when we try to belong to the world first?

45. Practicing vs Pretending

Discover the difference between pretending and practicing in order to create authentic connections, challenge your own limitations, and embrace the journey of becoming.
Pretending is often used as a method of avoiding the emotion that comes with a situation, such as pretending to be kind when really we are irritated by something. Practicing on the other hand is about acknowledging these emotions and intentionally choosing a better future out of love for ourselves. It is about being honest and allowing ourselves to be seen and heard in order to build deeper connections with ourselves and others. Ultimately it is about being real and practicing the skill of having our own back by embracing the messy and the amazing of ourselves.
“Becoming is more important about the journey than the destination.”

44. The Average 5

The average become not so average when it ends up influencing our results in life. How do you increase your average to better your results? Evaluate your circle.
Listen in to find out what your circle is, how to evaluate it, and how to increase your current results.

43. Your Year of Amazing

What if you could have the most amazing year and it only required you to do one thing? Do you ever feel like there’s something wrong with you and that you need to make improvements in order to be more amazing? If so, you are not alone. Many of us struggle with this and it affects our relationships, our confidence and our ability to reach our goals. Gain insights on how to realize your amazingness. Listen to find out how believing in your own amazingness can lead to a life of potential and possibility.

42. The 3 Gifts We Should All Give Ourselves

Do you know how important you are? How do you show yourself you’re worth it? I answer these questions by explaining the 3 gifts I give to myself in today’s episode.

41. Surviving the Holidays Around Difficult People

It’s easy to catch the spirit of the season when you’re surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with. However, maybe you know someone who can be somewhat difficult to be around? Don’t lose hope, I’ve got you!
Figure out why people are difficult and how to have an enjoyable holiday anyway.

40. Change Your Mind About Your Body

Do you have something you don’t like about your body? It’s not your fault and I’ll tell you why. Here’s a new way of looking at your body and how to combat the negative opinions you have about it.

39. Lovability

What is your lovability? It might not be what you think. Have you ever had someone tell you that you’re not lovable? Did you know that you have nothing to do with that? Tune in to find out how that’s true. By the end of this episode, it is my hope, that you’ll realize that you’re 100% lovable!

38. The Art of the Challenge

Do you have a goal that you’re struggling to conquer? I have a science-backed brain hack that’ll take you to the next level within seconds! Discover the art of making your goals achievable. Learn how to harness your power, put your brilliant mind to work, and start living into that future-self you’ve been shooting for.

37. Self-doubt

Self-doubt can get in the way of us really living and reaching for our dreams. Today break past the barriers that are keeping you stuck and let’s get you moving in a direction that’s going to keep you on a path to an amazing future!

36. Your Opinion of Yourself

Your opinion about yourself really makes a difference when it comes to the results you want in life. I know you know this, but have you really thought about how it may be affected certain areas of your life.
In this episode, I take you on a journey up a mountain and show you places you can level up to becoming one step closer to the future-self you’re envisioning.

35. Through the Looking Lens

Did you know that your glasses determine your results in life? With lots of examples, you’ll discover how this is possible and what you can do to switch out those lenses to create better results in your relationships, your weight, and with yourself.

34. Becoming You

Discover the secrets to becoming the “you” that you’ve been desiring. I’m sharing the small daily practices that go into making big changes in your life, where you need to start, and what you need to focus on to keep moving in the right direction.

33. Who Are You?

Who are you? Do you know? It’s not about what you are, but who you are that I’m talking about today. And it’s not about how successful you are or what you own or how many followers you have. It’s about who you are to yourself. No matter what you do, you still get to show up as you, you get to act like you and be you. You can decide the person you want to be and that will create the experience that you want to have. I talk about:

What is the difference between what you are and who you are,
How your past-self talk has created the person you are today,
How to create your life experience from a place of empowerment

32. 50% A mess & 50% Amazing

If you’re looking for a deeper acceptance with yourself, you don’t want to miss this. Today I tell you why I came up with the idea of 50% a mess and 50% amazing and tell you many ways how I’m 50-50.

31. Tiny Habits Big Results

What do you really, really want in life? Have you thought about it? What if I told you that you could have all of that and more! The small shifts we make in our lives can sometimes seem pointless or mundane, but it’s typically where we see lasting change and amazing results! In this episode I discuss why we fight our dreams, the best way to make them a reality, and I give examples of some of the habits I’m working on.

30. Perfection vs Excellence part 2

Perfectionism seduces you into believing that if everything’s perfect, my life will be perfect. But that’s a lie. Perfectionism feeds off of fear and would rather keep you stuck where you think you’re safe. In part 2, I talk about striving for excellence, what excellence is, why it’s a better attribute to focus on, and how to know when your focus is perfection or excellence. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, you don’t want to miss this episode.

29. Perfection vs Excellence part 1

What keeps you playing small and not reaching your goals? Is it possible that you have a perfectionistic tendency? In this episode, I talk about what perfectionism looks like, how it was holding me back, where I think I developed a perfectionistic mindset and I give the first step in striving for excellence instead of perfection.

28. Like a Queen

Are you ready to stop settling for less? A queen rules with stylish confidence and assertive authority. She knows her worth as a person and value to others. You are a queen! How you see yourself and how you rule your life matters. Today I discuss qualities that a queen has and ways you can start showing up for yourself and others in a royal way.

27. Living the Dream

Did you know that you have a relationship with your life? You have a relationship with every person and everything. Your home, your neighborhood, your body and it has nothing to do with where you live, who you associate with, and what you look like. Find out how to embrace your life and everything in it without a single thing changing. You can start living the dream today!

26. Respect

Please, thank you, you’re welcome. These are all phrases we are taught to use when we’re kids to show respect to who we’re talking to. I found a lot of different opinions on why we show respect. Treating people with kindness regardless of who they are and because it’s the civilized thing to do are a couple. However, I found one opinion that I loved most!
Find out what that was and why practicing self-respect will boost your ability to respect others.

25. Adult vs Toddler

I’m going to guess you’ve all be either victim of or witness to a toddlers tantrum. It can taxing and relentless depending on how stubborn the toddler is. We all have toddlers living in our brain. I refer to adult brain and toddler brain a lot and today I introduce you to them more in depth and begin to discuss their purposes. I’ve also sprinkled in a couple examples from my own life to make the concepts come to life.

24. Exercise Not Required

We’ve come a long ways in the health world. However, I wonder how many people still believe the slogan, eat less move more, to be true? Hang tight! I’m about to debunk why exercise is not required to lose weight.

23. Managing The Unexpected

Life will always throw you curveballs. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are huge. With a brief glimpse into my wedding preparation saga, I give a few tips on how I manage unexpected events and try to show up in a way that I won’t completely regret later.

22. Self Care

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you from taking care of yourself? Time? Money? Others? Whatever the barriers are, it’s getting in the way of you feeling your very best and accomplishing from the very best of you. Join me as I share why self-care is important and some tips and tricks on how to combat your barriers.

21. Mirroring Emotions

You know when someone’s mad at you, sometimes you can’t help but get mad back? Or when you’ve been around a negative person, you start acting negative too? Today I discuss why we tend to do this and how to empower ourselves into acting from our higher-selves and not at the effect of others.

20. Cultivating Desire

Lately I’ve been feeling more tired and my desire for certain things have been, well….lacking.
When we have big dreams, a lot of desire needs to be created to achieve them. But what if we can’t seem to muster up that needed desire? Then what?
Desire isn’t always something that comes easy. It can take an active effort to cultivate it. Listen for tips and tricks to get you moving towards your brilliant future-self again.

19. Self-Confidence

I wish I was more confident like her.
Yeah, me too!
What makes one person have more self-confidence than another? Here’s a hint, they weren’t just born with it.
Did you know that confidence is different then self-confidence? Listen to find out the difference and what true self-confidence is.
And I may tell a funny story about my Mother’s Day preparations that ties into self-confidence.

18. Potential Possibility

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of becoming or doing? Your potential is limitless, but you’ve got to believe it’s possible in order to tap into it.
Let’s talk about what may be causing you to put your dreams on hold and how to break free from that.

17. The Script

We all have a life script that we’ve written for ourselves, our lives and everyone in it. This script is also known as expectations.​
Where do expectations come from?
How can they be properly applied?
How are the current expectations you have possibly hurting you and your relationships with others?​
Can you have an expectation that has nothing to do with your personal opinion about them and their behaviors? After this episode you can! I teach you how to put down that script and start living with less drama-filled relationships.

16. Grace vs Tough Love

There’s a delicate balance between grace and tough love. I believe both are needed to reach any dream or goal you may have for yourself.
Learn what grace and tough love mean and:
How to apply it
When to apply it
When to be onto yourself when you’re using them to stagnate your progress.
I also give a couple examples of how to apply them properly to keep you leveling up and reaching your highest potential.

15. Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What does that really mean? Today I look at beauty in many ways including how beauty is subjective, what’s common versus what’s normal, and give examples of how the concept of beauty has changed over the centuries. I also introduce a term called brain dripping and share small ways how you can start seeing your beauty that’s there and waiting for you to recognize it.

14. Red Carpet Walk

The stars who walk the red carpet are typically protected by some kind of boundary; whether it be with a velvet rope or something more.
In life, it’s important to have boundaries. When used properly, they can physically and emotionally protect you and enable you to show up as the person you want to be without living in anger or resentment towards the person violating your personal boundaries.
Today I talk about how to set proper boundaries that will let you experience your best red carpet walk of life.

13. Will Power

How many times have you tried to do something, thinking the only way you’ll be able to do it is through using willpower? Using willpower can only take you so far, unless you’re using will power.
In this episode, I discuss the difference between willpower and will power, the dangers of relying on willpower and the power you take back by using will power.

12. Managing Overwhelm

Happy spring!
There’s so much to do to get ready for spring! Did you know that’s just a thought? Of course you did! 😄
Overwhelm is caused by a primitive problem, but sometimes we try to solve it through modern methods.
If you’re tired of always feeling stressed or are ready to manage your overwhelm, then you don’t want to miss this week’s episode!

11. The Best Relationship

What’s the best relationship you’ve ever been in? Why is that?
We determine our relationships with others because of the story we’re giving it.
You get to decide the kind of relationships you want to have. I’ll teach you how it’s your choice and how to build a stronger relationship with yourself and others.

10. So Emotional

Emotions are the reason we do or don’t do anything in this life. Everything we do or don’t do is because of how we think it’ll make us feel. ​
When I have this career, I’ll be happy.
When I make this much money, life will be easier.
When my body looks this way, I’ll feel accepted.
When I find someone who loves me, I’ll feel complete.
As soon as I finish this project, I’ll be less stressed.​
You want these things because you think it’ll create those feelings when you get it, but chasing emotions can be exhausting and futile. The best news is that you can have all those feelings right now! You get to choose your life experience. This is your life and in this episode I teach you how to take hold of it.

9. Redefining Failure

Failing can feel awful! But what if it didn’t have to? Do you have a dream that feels unattainable?
What’s holding you back from reaching your goals?
Join me today as I give you a new way to think about failure that has the potential to change your life trajectory.

8. The Thoughts You Think

“He hurt my feelings.” “You’re stressing me out!”
This may surprise you, but your entire experience in this life is based on your thoughts, not what life hands you. In this episode, I discuss my own thoughts and how I allowed them to create a negative experience for me. I also reveal examples of thoughts that sound like worthy, lovely thoughts, but don’t serve us. A thought like:
“I want my kids to get along,”
can cause us so much pain. In fact, it can take away our power to live the life we want. Today is all about the thoughts you think and how to empower yourself to create the life you seek.

7. Myths About Cravings and Overcoming Them

Cravings can feel overpowering and sometimes out of control. It’s easy to blame our choices on the salty, savory, or sugary food we eat.
I discuss food nutrient deficiency, hunger, and chemical responses in the brain, and how to start to overcome cravings.

6. Fierce Inner Love

There are so many different kinds of love, but the most important is inner love. Fierce inner love. It will be the foundation that will make all the difference in how you show up with yourself, in your relationships, and in your life.
Learn why inner love is key and 4 ways how you can start practicing fierce inner love today.

5. The Fire of Connection

What does it mean to truly connect with yourself?
In this episode I tell you:
Why avoiding negative emotions isn’t helping you
How to find true connection with your body
How to replace false pleasures with authentic pleasure.

4. 3 Biggest Mistakes When Starting a Diet

We all have our typical reasons why we go on and off diets, but there’s reasons that may be less noticeable and what might be keeping you on the merry-go-round cycle. Tune in as I list the 3 biggest mistakes you can make when starting a diet. They aren’t the typical mistakes that google comes up with. In this episode you learn:

Why the other side isn’t necessarily greener
Having compassion yields longer-term results
How the perfect time never arrives.

3. Better Than Happy

In this episode you’ll learn:

What’s better than being happy
What true balance is
The difference between clean pain and dirty pain

2. Future Focus

In episode 2, I talk about the best way to set yourself up to achieve your goals. I’ll discuss:

How the past can trip you up.
The best way to start something new.
How to map yourself a successful way to reach your goals.

1. Your Identity

In the first episode, I talk about identity and how we disempower ourselves by how we think.
I’ll discuss:
Noticing the stories you tell yourself that aren’t serving you.
How to take your power back.
Learning to love all of you.