Here are some of my favorites. It is my personal endorsement because I like it and it works for me and no other reason. Feel free to use or don’t use. The most important thing is you find what you like and what works for you.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT have any endorsements with these products and don’t get any kickback if you purchase them.  They are simply my favorites that I have tried and love. Also, I’ve provided a link where you can easily find this on Amazon, however, Amazon is not the only place these items can be found.

Crio Bru Double Chocolate Light Roast

I don’t drink coffee, but I LOVE chocolate!  I love this because Cacao is packed with nutrients like antioxidants to boost your immune system and magnesium to support bone, brain, and heart health. Additionally, while low in carbs and calories, cacao also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Best of all, cacao is loaded with natural mood enhancers that can help you feel great, increase focus, reduce stress, and sleep better.

Mueller French Press

This is what I use for my roasted cocoa beans.  I love the double filter because it keeps out the grounds. Plus it’s metal. (I accidently broke my glass one.)

Perfect Keto Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

This is what I use as a creamer with my Crio Bru hot chocolate.  I like this flavor and the Peanut Butter flavor, but they have others as well.

Eminence Organic Skin Care

This is what I use as part of my skin care regiment. I love that it’s organic so I’m not adding extra toxins to my body from the additives that non-organic products have and my skin loves it! They have so many different products for different skin types. Click on the link to take you to my rep, Lacey’s store.

Dr. Mercola, Vitamins D3 and K2 Dietary Supplement

I call these my happy pills. Dr. Mercola is a well known doctor in the wholistic community.  I know that the products he puts out are high quality.  Vitamin D is what we typically get from the sun, but we still don’t get enough unless we are always outside.  The combo with K2 helps the D3 to be utilized by the body better than by itself.

Dulàc Natural Arnica Gel Cream Extra Strong

Dulàc Arnica gel maximum strength gives you relief from muscle & joint discomfort and insect bites. This is a natural formula with organic extracts. Paraben, mineral oil and silicone free. I put this on my back and legs when I’ve worked out too much or have been working in the yard all day.

FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

I like this scale because you can download an app on your phone and it keeps all the data without you having to document it by hand.  I also like the graphs it offers. I don’t know how accurate all the indicators are like BMI and Bone mass- I think these are just average based on your weight and measurements- but it’s a good deal for a lower cost.

Alkaline Water

Love this water! I get them at Costco. You can get them on Amazon, but they are over three times the price!
It’s helped me have far less heartburn and IBS symptoms like uncontrollable, nonstop vomiting when my stomach acid is too high. Maybe that’s TMI, but it’s a real thing for sufferers.

It’s Ionized Alkaline Water, each bottler is 1 liter (33.8 fl oz), 18 ct per pack. Drinking 4 of these is drinking a gallon of water.

Rose Quartz Stone Carved

I had to get these for my urge jar!  Are they necessary?  Absolutely not!  I just couldn’t resist urge.  Isn’t that ironic!?! 😉

Organixx – Turmeric 3D

Turmeric is great to help reduce inflammation levels and support healthy joints

Barlean’s Fresh Catch Fish Oil

Barleans is a trusted and well-known producer of high quality ingredients. High in Omega-3 EPA and DHA, fish oil is known to support heart health, emotional well-being, cognition, and memory.

Barlean’s Evening Primrose Oil

An abundant source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), Barlean’s Evening Primrose Oil supports healthy hair, scalp and nails.  As we age, we lose the ability to convert dietary fats into GLA. Evening Primrose Oil can help compensate for the loss of GLA.

Trace Minerals

I put these drops in size 00 veggie caps when I’m fasting for longer periods and feeling light headed.  Fasting can cause your body to flush out extra water to help with ridding the toxins.  CAUTION: These are nasty tasting so if you just add it to some water (which some people do), be prepared for an awful experience! Bleck!

LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

When I don’t have time to put Celtic salt in size 00 veggie caps to swallow, I take this, one a day, when I’m fasting for longer periods and am active.  They help me stay hydrated.  I’m not gonna lie, they are a bit salty tasting, but if you like salt (I’m not a big fan) then this won’t bother you at all.  They have various flavor. I’ve also tried watermelon and think that’s my new favorite, but last I checked, you have to buy a big pack.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

WAY CHEAPER AT COSTCO if you have access to one.  I take 1 scoop after a muscle conditioning workout and it can be added to lots of things because it’s tasteless.  Sometimes I add it to my Crio Bru. The collagen helps my joints and I’m hoping it helps with my skin, hair, teeth, nails etc.

I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  If you are interested in any of the following items, email me and I can mail it to you for the retail + shipping cost.  I’m happy to deduct a 10% discount off retail to help with the cost of shipping. If you already have a distributor, share the love and ask them.


Retail: $64.47
This is for a 30 day supply. I’ve switched to these in place of the Turmeric 3D because I trust the quality of Young Living.  That said, I still think Turmeric 3D works too and it’s a little less expensive.  AgilEase® promotes joint health by supporting healthy cartilage, joint flexibility and mobility, and the body’s healthy response to inflammation after exercise.

YL Vitality Drops +Energy Jade Lemon Berry 3pk

Retail: $36.84
This is my favorite flavor. If you’re not used to just plain water and want a natural way to flavor it, these are my first option.  Also tastes yummy in Carbonated Italian Water. Description from their website: The Jade Lemon Berry + Energy drops feature Young Living’s pure Vitality™ essential oils. This flavor features a delectable, bright Jade Lemon Vitality™ flavor, as well as the complex, fruity profile of blackcurrants. Young Living’s Vitality Drops +Energy are naturally derived and free of sucralose, aspartame, and artificial colors. With naturally derived ingredients, sugar-free flavoring & With 20 mg of naturally derived, plant-based caffeine per serving, these drops give you a natural, crash-free pick-me-up throughout the day to encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated. Of course, not all caffeine is created equal, which is why Young Living’s exclusive naturally sourced caffeine blend is made from Brazilian guarana seed extract and green tea and is free of synthetics. A unique feature of guarana seeds is that they contain molecules called tannins, which can cause caffeine to release slowly, for a natural, longer-lasting effect with an optimal level of caffeine, so you can enjoy it multiple times a day knowing this product comes from Mother Nature herself.

YL Vitality Drops – Grapefruit Bergamot – 3pk

Retail: $36.84
My second favorite flavor. This does not have the caffeine in it. Description from their website:  Water never tasted so good! YL Vitality Drops lets you hydrate naturally without sugar or artificial colors with the delicious flavor of Grapefruit Bergamot that takes your water or favorite beverage to the next level. Formulated with naturally occurring electrolytes from the Great Salt Lake and all-natural flavors, including Grapefruit Vitality and Bergamot Vitality essential oils, a few drops of YL Vitality Drops will keep you hydrated and feeling great!

YL Vitality Drops – Lavender Lemon – 3pk

Retail: $36.84
My third favorite flavor. This does not have the caffeine in it. Description from their website: YL Vitality Drops feature Lavender and Lemon essential oils and natural electrolytes for an extra hydration boost.