54. Bonus- A Messy Amazing Momma

Hey everyone! So I just finished a session with a client and we were talking about how she reacted in a way that she wasn’t so proud of and she truly believes that she’s not a good enough mom. Really what it comes down to is, she is an amazing mom.  And she’s a messy mom.  if you are a mom and you think that you just aren’t doing a good job.  Somehow, you’re not measuring up as a mother that you want to be. Look, maybe.  Maybe that’s true in some way, but you know what else I know? I also know that you are amazing! You are the perfect mom that your child needs and you are doing it all amazing. You are offering your child the full life experience. I promise, when you give up the idea that you need to be amazing all the time and just kind of accept the idea that you’re messy sometimes, you will open up a whole new world for yourself.  and you’ll start to see a change in how you feel. I promise you, but if you would like more coaching on this, if you would like help on this, please come and see me. Hey, I love you all. Remember, you are amazing and you’re messy! And you are loved!  Bye.

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