52. How to start getting your dreams-short bonus

What is something that you dream about?  Do you have any hopes or dreams that you’re thinking that is so far out there that I just I don’t want to try? I just finished coaching this client who said that I have hopes and dreams that I just don’t even want to do anything about it because I don’t want to be disappointed when they don’t work out.  We coached around the fact that she’s already disappointing herself by not reaching her goals, she’s just doing it in advance.  My friends, do you have goals, hopes, and dreams that you just want to do but you don’t know how?  Start with the first step. You don’t have to know from A-Z how to get there; especially if they are so far out there. start with the next best thing. expect to be disappointed sometimes. expect to be blindsided sometimes by things you just don’t know. that’s OK! That’s a part of the learning process. OK, go out and get your dreams. Have a great day and remember, you are loved!

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