18. Potential Possibility

Good morning!  Good afternoon!  Good evening!  Whenever you are listening to this, hello!  Thanks for joining me!  Today’s going to be short and sweet because I’ve got to go paint a basement.

Have you thought about what your potential possibility is?  I want to talk to you about your dreams.  Do you have at least one thing that you’ve always wanted to do or be, but for one reason or another, you’ve just not done it? 

As kids we have all these dreams; maybe to be a ballerina, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or the president of the United States.  We all had these great dreams and remember how our younger selves held so many possibilities for us!  We had infinite possibilities and we didn’t spend much brain power coming up with reasons why we couldn’t.  We only looked to the future to determine our possibility.

Then at around the age of 24, 25, science has offered that we stop looking to the future on if we are capable enough to do something and we start looking to our past on if we were able to do it before because that will determine if we’ll be able to do it again.  Isn’t that interesting? Do you remember any dreams you had?  Have your dreams changed?  What are they now?

What are your reasons for why your dreams can’t happen? Maybe you’ve tried and something got in the way.  Maybe you’re still waiting for something to happen before you pull the trigger and get moving on it.  Have you noticed how much time you spend trying to talk yourself out of it, instead of into it?  Are you finding more reasons why not to instead of how to?

Our brains are funny.  They like progress, yet they also like comfort.  So in a way, we are always having this inner battle with the desire to evolve and the desire to be comfortable.  Evolving, progress, change isn’t usually comfortable. It involves some unknown and it involves some tough love, and it definitely involves some inner confidence to keep going and to always be your own biggest cheerleader when it gets hard, because it will.    Our lower brains are trying to keep us out of discomfort.  But it’s an in-the-moment thinker so it can’t see the inevitable discomfort up ahead.  What it doesn’t realize is there’s going to be discomfort either way. Either it’ll be the familiar discomfort of the what-if’s and the regrets or it’ll be the discomfort of not really knowing what to expect from entering unchartered territory. So now the only question is, which discomfort are you wanting to feel?

What are your reasons that your dreams can’t happen?  Has your brain offered you any “if only” reasons?  If only I had started sooner.  If only I were smarter. If only I weren’t so busy. If only my kids were older. If only I had more money and could afford it.

I’ve been stuck in the “if only” cyclone many times myself.  If we don’t realize what we’re doing, we can convince ourselves right out of our dreams.  We can allow our million and one obstacles squash our dreams.  And, for the time being, we’ll allow it because, well, it’s easier.  We are familiar with that discomfort.

Because our brains are pre-programmed to be efficient, if we don’t purposely choose to level up ourselves and shoot for the stars, our brains will convince us that looking at the stars is just as great.  And, in fact, it’s easier and faster.  Well, my friends, when it comes to evolving, easier and faster is a recipe to a boring life, full of regret.  Especially when deep down we know we are capable of so much more then just looking at the stars. 

How are you talking yourself out of not making your dream come true?  What is the mind drama you have that keeps you playing safe?  What’s the biggest reason you have that’s keeping you from deciding, “Let’s do it!”?  You may not like this, but I’m telling you right now, your brain’s lying to you.  It has found a way to convince you that it’s not possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your reasons for not following your dreams are great!  And you have so much supporting evidence of how it’s true, but here’s the hard question:  how much time have you spent finding supporting evidence for your dreams?

Good news is, there’s nothing wrong with you.  You’re a human with a human brain. We’ve all done it and we all do it. As humans we are constantly striving to become something.  Who do you want to become next?  What is your possibility?  Have you really thought about it? 

For me, one of the best lies my brain tries to convince me with is “I don’t know how.”  Remember when you didn’t know how to tie your shoes?  Or get dressed, or ride a bike, or drive a car?  Remember when you weren’t sure how you’d pay your rent or get through that hard class?  Yet you still did! 

If your thoughts turn to, “I don’t know how,” You have plenty of evidence that you’re great at figuring out how.  “I don’t know how, but I’m great at learning.  I will figure it out!”  Sometimes we think we need to see the entire path from the beginning to the end in order to take the first step.  That’s definitely what I prefer!  That’s also what keeps us stuck.  I want you to imagine you are standing at the top of a hill where you could see the valley you want to cross.   You can see a definite path to get there.   You can also see some roadblocks and detours that you’d like to avoid, but there is a definite way there.  In fact, there are a few ways, some would take a little longer than others, but eventually they will all lead to your destination and it is incredible there!  As you take your first step, a heavy fog blankets the path and the road is no longer visible. All you can see is one step ahead in front of you.  Do you wait and hope the fog lifts?  Or do you, knowing that there are many ways to get there, take your first step.  Then look for where you want to take the next step.  And the journey is slower, but each step gets you closer to incredible. Be on to your brain.  There is always a way.  Sure you will hit roadblocks and obstacles, but that’s part of the experience and wisdom you gain along the way.

What about the thought, “I’m not capable enough.” Of course you are!  You have infinite potential!  You may not have realized it, but it’s still there waiting for you to scoop it up and utilize it. It may take you longer than someone else, but that’s okay. Each day you’re a step closer to your dream.   Part of you becoming the next best version is by going through the fire and coming out changed from that experience.  One of the biggest gifts you will give yourself is to believe that you are capable of anything you really want.    Don’t cheat yourself into believing anything less.

Each time you prove to yourself that you are capable, you are discovering more of who you really are. You are discovering yet another piece of your true potential.

So, what’s the next level for you?  Maybe you already know it.  Maybe you’ve been stuck trying to get there for years now.  If that’s the case, what’s going to re-ignite your passion around it?  What’s going to help you feel alive about it again?

If you don’t know, each day ask yourself, “Who am I truly?”, “What am I capable of?”,  and “What else can I do?”  Each day is an opportunity to discover a little bit more of who you are and what you are truly capable of. You got this my friends!  Now go out and conquer your dreams!

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