Julie B

“The Thinner Love Program has been exactly what I needed and right when I needed it. Amber has given me the tools to help me succeed. She also is there to help me every step of the way. I am learning how to show love for myself and my body and am finding peace in my weight loss journey. I have learned that weight loss does not define me, it is a piece of my story but not the whole story. As I am learning to love myself and give myself grace, I am growing and it is all thanks to Amber and her program. It is totally 100% worth the investment in YOU!!”

Jackie N

“The Thinner Love Program by Amber is more than just a weight loss program.  It has helped me get more in control of what I do in life.  Her focus on mindset and the tools she taught, is what is making all the difference.  Her advice and insight have really helped me look at my choices differently.  I still have work to do, but I know with her help, I will be successful.  The best thing is this is a program for individuals.  Amber served and helped each one of us personally.”

Tammy H

“I am so grateful to Amber for putting this GREAT program together and listening to each of us and helping us navigate through our obstacles, our lows and our highs! Especially getting to know our own body and learn to listen and understand better what our brain and body are ‘telling’ each of us!  Great exercises and worksheets to stretch our thinking capabilities! Who knew?!”