I’m Amber Winn and I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. All my life I struggled with weight, depression, anxiety, and a lot of self-loathing. To distract myself, I kept busy for decades trying to please and care for others, taking on project after project, hoping to fill the gaps in everyone else’s life to “make” them happier.

Please don’t misunderstand, my life was great! I had a fabulous, supportive family and I had my fair share of talent. All my external needs were taken care of. Honestly, from the outside, I had it all! Inside, I really wasn’t happy.

My confidence was slowly depleting, my weight would go up and down….more up than down…. and up and up and up, and my depression and anxiety were popping up more frequently. Then it finally happened…

The hard reality hit. Somewhere along the way,

I completely lost myself.

What is my worth?
What do I like?
What are my personal goals?
Do I have personal goals?

I was just living life day-to-day hoping to do good and survive and
then start over again in the morning.

Then I found life coaching.

It’s probably not a surprise that my journey as a life coach started with a passion for people. I had no idea what a life-changer it would be for me! Now helping others the way I’ve been helped is a no-brainer!

How is life coaching helping me?

I’m learning who I am, what I’m worth, what I like, what I want, and how to start feeling better and take massive action towards my dreams. I say this using present tense on purpose. Each day I learn a little more.

My secret? I don’t have life all figured out, but I have learned how to navigate my struggles and overcome my obstacles.

Who am I?

I am 50% a mess



I am a certified life coach through The Life Coach School and I will teach you the same life-changing tools that I’ve learned so you can start living the life you were meant for.

Are you ready to empower yourself with the skills you need to live the life you’ve always wanted?

Let’s go!