55. Breaking Through Invisible Walls: From Victim to Hero

Do you ever find yourself hitting an invisible wall, not just in your workout routine, but also in life and business? This is the story of my battle from a healthy mindset to an unhealthy one, and then finally to recovery. I share my personal experiences of the subtle signs that indicated I was veering off a healthy mindset and it started with three words that seemed so innocent, but led to a limiting belief and self-sabotage.

Innocent phrases and beliefs that once seemed helpful can become damaging and debilitating roadblocks in our growth. Join me to explore the beliefs we hold and how they might be preventing us from reaching our full potential. Learn how to switch from a victim to a heroic mindset with simple changes in the way we converse with ourselves. Make no mistake; this isn’t about blind positivity. It’s about conscious self-talk and reframing our words to unlock our possibilities.

53. The Art of Aging- Breaking Free from Age-Related Anxiety

I’m about to turn 48, and I’ve been obsessing too much about my age lately. Not necessarily about the number, but what my changing body’s doing. What if your life was a video game and I told you, you’re almost to level 48! Today I’m turning the tables on the traditional view of aging as a problem, and instead, proposing an attitude of living young. I’ll share my insights into how worry and anxiety about growing old can dampen your ability to fully enjoy life and give tips aimed at shifting your focus from preventing aging to actively living your life to the fullest.

I’m not just changing how you think about aging, I’m giving you the tools to stop the worry cycle and start embracing each day with a positive mindset. It’s time to start thinking about our age in a way that benefits us Our age can be used to our advantage, not as a disadvantage. Join me as I journey into a new era of embracing age and living young!

51. The Scale of Worth

What if you didn’t have to ‘earn your way to the top’ to feel worthy? What if your self-worth wasn’t tied to your achievements? I tackle these questions, unmasking the illusion of the ‘human worth scale’ and shedding light on the misguided notion that our worthiness is determined by external validation or productivity.

I invite you to dare to step away from the relentless comparison game and start celebrating the beauty of your individuality. With an open heart, remember that irrespective of what you do or how well you do it, your place is always at the top because you are unconditionally loved and eternally worthy. There is no earning your worth. You’re already there!

50. Coaching Insights from my Adventures in Italy

Have you ever noticed how something as simple as a car horn can hold a wealth of meaning? Join me as I share insights from my recent travels through Italy, where I discovered firsthand the power of perception and its impact on our daily lives. From navigating winding roads with confidence to deciphering the subtle art of honking, my experiences in this beautiful country offered valuable lessons on trusting the process and focusing on what’s within our control.

49. The Power of Belonging Through Self-Care

Feel like there’s never enough time in the day for self-care? Well, Amber is here to show you that just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your mental and physical health. In this powerful episode, we had the pleasure of talking to the amazing Amber, who shared her insights on the importance of meaningful self-care and how it can have a profound impact on our lives. From respecting ourselves and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, to taking care of our emotional needs, we dive into the world of self-care and how to make it a priority in our daily lives.

But that’s not all! We also discuss the concept of cultivating self-compassion and creating a deeper sense of belonging within ourselves through meaningful self-care. Amber emphasizes that self-care is something we need to learn and practice, and that it is a way to shine, step out into the world, and be confident. Don’t miss out on Amber’s incredible free webinar offering, where she will teach you how to embrace your authentic self, cultivate self-compassion, and create a deeper sense of belonging within yourself. This episode is truly a gift to yourself, so tune in and invest 30 minutes of your time into your own wellbeing and personal growth.

48. Unlocking Your Inner Strength

Do you find yourself struggling to make decisions, constantly striving for perfection, or putting yourself down? These could be signs that you’re lacking self-confidence. Join us as we welcome Amber, an expert in self-confidence and self-compassion, to share her insights on the crucial difference between confidence and self-confidence and how to grow and strengthen your own sense of self.

In our enlightening conversation, Amber helps us understand the importance of trusting our own decisions and opinions, even when friends and family might disagree. Moreover, she generously offers a free webinar on self-compassion and belonging, where you’ll learn how to create deeper connections, embrace your authenticity, and cultivate more self-compassion. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace your inner strength and develop a solid foundation of self-confidence that can carry you through life’s challenges.

47. Body Image

What is one of the main issues your clients have when they come to you?
Are you saying we shouldn’t care about how we look?
What did you mean by they think they need to change something externally in order to be happy?
How do you battle internal thinking?
What ages do you think are affected most by poor body image?