20. Cultivating Desire

Lately I’ve been feeling more tired and my desire for certain things have been, well….lacking.
When we have big dreams, a lot of desire needs to be created to achieve them. But what if we can’t seem to muster up that needed desire? Then what?
Desire isn’t always something that comes easy. It can take an active effort to cultivate it. Listen for tips and tricks to get you moving towards your brilliant future-self again.

19. Self-Confidence

I wish I was more confident like her.
Yeah, me too!
What makes one person have more self-confidence than another? Here’s a hint, they weren’t just born with it.
Did you know that confidence is different then self-confidence? Listen to find out the difference and what true self-confidence is.
And I may tell a funny story about my Mother’s Day preparations that ties into self-confidence.

17. The Script

We all have a life script that we’ve written for ourselves, our lives and everyone in it. This script is also known as expectations.​
Where do expectations come from?
How can they be properly applied?
How are the current expectations you have possibly hurting you and your relationships with others?​
Can you have an expectation that has nothing to do with your personal opinion about them and their behaviors? After this episode you can! I teach you how to put down that script and start living with less drama-filled relationships.

16. Grace vs Tough Love

There’s a delicate balance between grace and tough love. I believe both are needed to reach any dream or goal you may have for yourself.
Learn what grace and tough love mean and:
How to apply it
When to apply it
When to be onto yourself when you’re using them to stagnate your progress.
I also give a couple examples of how to apply them properly to keep you leveling up and reaching your highest potential.

14. Red Carpet Walk

The stars who walk the red carpet are typically protected by some kind of boundary; whether it be with a velvet rope or something more.
In life, it’s important to have boundaries. When used properly, they can physically and emotionally protect you and enable you to show up as the person you want to be without living in anger or resentment towards the person violating your personal boundaries.
Today I talk about how to set proper boundaries that will let you experience your best red carpet walk of life.

12. Managing Overwhelm

Happy spring!
There’s so much to do to get ready for spring! Did you know that’s just a thought? Of course you did! 😄
Overwhelm is caused by a primitive problem, but sometimes we try to solve it through modern methods.
If you’re tired of always feeling stressed or are ready to manage your overwhelm, then you don’t want to miss this week’s episode!