25. Adult vs Toddler

I’m going to guess you’ve all be either victim of or witness to a toddlers tantrum. It can taxing and relentless depending on how stubborn the toddler is. We all have toddlers living in our brain. I refer to adult brain and toddler brain a lot and today I introduce you to them more in depth and begin to discuss their purposes. I’ve also sprinkled in a couple examples from my own life to make the concepts come to life.

16. Grace vs Tough Love

There’s a delicate balance between grace and tough love. I believe both are needed to reach any dream or goal you may have for yourself.
Learn what grace and tough love mean and:
How to apply it
When to apply it
When to be onto yourself when you’re using them to stagnate your progress.
I also give a couple examples of how to apply them properly to keep you leveling up and reaching your highest potential.

10. So Emotional

Emotions are the reason we do or don’t do anything in this life. Everything we do or don’t do is because of how we think it’ll make us feel. ​
When I have this career, I’ll be happy.
When I make this much money, life will be easier.
When my body looks this way, I’ll feel accepted.
When I find someone who loves me, I’ll feel complete.
As soon as I finish this project, I’ll be less stressed.​
You want these things because you think it’ll create those feelings when you get it, but chasing emotions can be exhausting and futile. The best news is that you can have all those feelings right now! You get to choose your life experience. This is your life and in this episode I teach you how to take hold of it.