25. Adult vs Toddler

I’m going to guess you’ve all be either victim of or witness to a toddlers tantrum. It can taxing and relentless depending on how stubborn the toddler is. We all have toddlers living in our brain. I refer to adult brain and toddler brain a lot and today I introduce you to them more in depth and begin to discuss their purposes. I’ve also sprinkled in a couple examples from my own life to make the concepts come to life.

22. Self Care

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you from taking care of yourself? Time? Money? Others? Whatever the barriers are, it’s getting in the way of you feeling your very best and accomplishing from the very best of you. Join me as I share why self-care is important and some tips and tricks on how to combat your barriers.

14. Red Carpet Walk

The stars who walk the red carpet are typically protected by some kind of boundary; whether it be with a velvet rope or something more.
In life, it’s important to have boundaries. When used properly, they can physically and emotionally protect you and enable you to show up as the person you want to be without living in anger or resentment towards the person violating your personal boundaries.
Today I talk about how to set proper boundaries that will let you experience your best red carpet walk of life.

12. Managing Overwhelm

Happy spring!
There’s so much to do to get ready for spring! Did you know that’s just a thought? Of course you did! 😄
Overwhelm is caused by a primitive problem, but sometimes we try to solve it through modern methods.
If you’re tired of always feeling stressed or are ready to manage your overwhelm, then you don’t want to miss this week’s episode!