45. Practicing vs Pretending

Discover the difference between pretending and practicing in order to create authentic connections, challenge your own limitations, and embrace the journey of becoming.
Pretending is often used as a method of avoiding the emotion that comes with a situation, such as pretending to be kind when really we are irritated by something. Practicing on the other hand is about acknowledging these emotions and intentionally choosing a better future out of love for ourselves. It is about being honest and allowing ourselves to be seen and heard in order to build deeper connections with ourselves and others. Ultimately it is about being real and practicing the skill of having our own back by embracing the messy and the amazing of ourselves.
“Becoming is more important about the journey than the destination.”

43. Your Year of Amazing

What if you could have the most amazing year and it only required you to do one thing? Do you ever feel like there’s something wrong with you and that you need to make improvements in order to be more amazing? If so, you are not alone. Many of us struggle with this and it affects our relationships, our confidence and our ability to reach our goals. Gain insights on how to realize your amazingness. Listen to find out how believing in your own amazingness can lead to a life of potential and possibility.

41. Surviving the Holidays Around Difficult People

It’s easy to catch the spirit of the season when you’re surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with. However, maybe you know someone who can be somewhat difficult to be around? Don’t lose hope, I’ve got you!
Figure out why people are difficult and how to have an enjoyable holiday anyway.

39. Lovability

What is your lovability? It might not be what you think. Have you ever had someone tell you that you’re not lovable? Did you know that you have nothing to do with that? Tune in to find out how that’s true. By the end of this episode, it is my hope, that you’ll realize that you’re 100% lovable!

38. The Art of the Challenge

Do you have a goal that you’re struggling to conquer? I have a science-backed brain hack that’ll take you to the next level within seconds! Discover the art of making your goals achievable. Learn how to harness your power, put your brilliant mind to work, and start living into that future-self you’ve been shooting for.

36. Your Opinion of Yourself

Your opinion about yourself really makes a difference when it comes to the results you want in life. I know you know this, but have you really thought about how it may be affected certain areas of your life.
In this episode, I take you on a journey up a mountain and show you places you can level up to becoming one step closer to the future-self you’re envisioning.