Course Description

♡ Discover Your True Worth: Understand how you may have covered your inner worth with conditions and self-imposed beliefs, and learn to chip away at these layers to reveal your true value.
♡ Uncover Your Untouchable Worth: What your worth is not determined by 
♡ How to Embrace Your Imperfections
♡ Overcome the Comparison Trap: Challenge the belief that accomplishments and external successes determine your worth, and recognize that everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, leading to a more balanced view of self and others.
♡  Develop a process for handling setbacks with curiosity and compassion, focusing on learning and growth rather than self-criticism, and embracing your true self with love and understanding.


Digital Course ($125 Value)
How To Have Untouchable Worth Workbook* ($25 Value)
BONUS Class & Workbook- How To Transform Your Life* ($50 Value)
BONUS Affirmation Workbook* ($10 Value)