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Hello, beautiful!  I’m your love coach, Amber Winn, helping you value yourself and your body, flaws and all. I help you build unstoppable confidence that’ll change your relationships and your life. 

Trying to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend created the perfect storm of inner turmoil.

Throughout my life, I’ve battled with my weight, depression & anxiety, and intense self-loathing. To cope, I filled my days with endless projects, striving to please and care for others, hoping to fill the voids in their lives and make them happier.
Gradually my confidence diminished, my weight fluctuated, more up than down, and my depression and anxiety became more frequent. Then, it happened—I realized I had completely lost myself along the way.
I haven’t unraveled all the mysteries of life, but I’ve learned to navigate my struggles and overcome obstacles along the way. Together, we can unlock the potential within you, empowering you to live the life you were destined for.

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A fundamental pillar in our journey toward self-love. I've learned that confidence isn't something we're born with; it's something we cultivate. It starts by acknowledging and honoring our unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. It's about believing in ourselves and recognizing the immense power we hold within. Join me as we unlock this inherent strength and witness the birth of authentic beauty and self-assuredness that comes from a deep-seated belief in ourselves.


As a cornerstone of self-love and acceptance, compassion is not just about understanding and kindness towards others, but equally towards ourselves. It means acknowledging our flaws and mistakes, not as failures, but as steps in our journey of growth. It's about offering ourselves the same understanding, patience, and love that we extend to those around us. Join me as we explore the power of compassion in shaping a more fulfilling, authentic life. Trust me... this journey of self-love through the lens of compassion is a transformative experience.


Understanding your purpose means discovering what truly motivates you, what makes you feel alive and feel fulfilled. It's about aligning your actions and decisions with your deepest values and passions. It's the driving force that can guide us through challenges and towards a more meaningful, authentic life.

Through this journey in discovering your unique purpose, we'll uncover the vibrant path that's been waiting for you, step by step.

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